Tomatillo Salsa Revisited
New Heirloom Bean: Pebbles

Fresh Tomato Salsa


Please don't tell me you're buying prepared salsa when tomatoes are so gorgeous right now. Nothing could be easier to prepare and at least here in Northern California, we're enjoying the best tomato year in recent memory.


Take a bunch of heirlooms, mixing the colors, and cube them. Add chopped onion, garlic, serrano chiles and cubed cucumber. Salt and some lime complete the dish. Toss. If you don't have cucumbers, don't add them. If you have cilantro, go for it. The point is that the dish is forgiving and easy and I don't want to see a bottle of prepared salsa on your counter until October. Have I made myself clear?


GG Mora

Yes, boss. But will you send me one of those fabulous clay bowls so my salsa will look as good as yours?


I like to say, "Friends don't let friends buy salsa."

Even if you make it with canned tomatoes in December, it's going to be better than 99% of the packaged stuff.

Steven Sando

GG, you'll have to come to MX with me to hunt for some. There will be tequila involved.

erik, I'm with 100%.

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