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A lot of Mexican recipes call for a light, fruity vinegar and commercially here in the states, about our only option is rice vinegar. It works in a pinch but I've been thinking about trying a batch of pineapple vinegar for years. I just have never been able to get it together, until recently.


It couldn't be easier.  You cut up a pineapple into 1 inch rings, add water and a spoonful or so of piloncillo or brown sugar. and wait a week or so after leaving the brew in a somewhat warm spot. Daniel Hoyer in his book, Culinary Mexico, suggests speeding up the process by adding a cup of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. I'm only on Day Two but already I can tell this is going to be a regular thing around my house.




I have an agua fresca jar just like that that I use for making Nocino :)

Steven Sando

I have a big one and a smaller one. I think I got them at Smart & Final for not very much. They're great for a party and now apparently for vinegar or nocino!


I'm on week 7! using a DK recipe with no apple cider vinegar. It's suppose to be nearly done but it sure doesn't taste or smell like it. It fermented promptly (I thought it would explode the covered jarra) and produced a swirly white something that might be the mother.Pls keep on letting us know how yours goes and if the apple vinegar dominates the taste. Also Steve what camera do you use? Your shots are consistently gorgeous & I need a new camera....

Steven Sando

A week later and it's great. It's light and fruity and there's no trace of apple cider. I also did the DK (Diana Kennedy) version in a ceramic vinegar crock at the same time. It has a funky something starting on the top but the liquid is still sweet and non-acidic. I thought her instructions said it would take three weeks.
Thank you re the photos. I just have a Canon Powershot A620. it's been a great camera.


DK's time to vinegar is curious.Since mine is maybe stalled, I looked at more of her recipes. In Cuisines she says 3 weeks total; in the Art she stretches it to 3 to ferment plus 3 for the mother to solidify and in the Kitchen she's got it up to 6 weeks to an amber color when it should be strained and then another 2 months to be ready. So I'm hanging on. Doesn't seem likely at the moment though.

Aaron Kagan

I had similar luck, without any cider and with using just the pineapple peels from a recipe in "Wild Fermentation." So easy, so flavorful.

Conrad Saucedo

I have made this pineapple Vinegar and I liked it.But all I had was a 1 gal jar.where can I find a 5 gal jar. Or can I use a plastic jar?

Romulus Anonymous

Pineapple distilled vinegar was once an ingredient in Del Monte Catsup. Search the ads for 1954, 1956.
I have discovered cane vinegar which I now order from Chef Prudhomme. It is very tasty and mild. Excellent for coleslaw.
Web :

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