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Giant White Lima Beans


People often are offering me their beans to sell as a Rancho Gordo product. It's almost always a  mistake but I did get a hold of a small quantity of these huge Limas, from Peru, home of the orginal Lima bean. I was dubious at first but I made them for friends and we all went a little giddy over them. Despite being Limas, they're creamy and rich and when cooked with just olive oil, onion and garlic, they're almost buttery. Did I mention how huge they are?


The beans on the right are the raw beans and the left shows how large they get when cooked. 

We're selling these only online as they're not a locally grown product and it's inappropriate to sell them at the farmers market.



You were right!! I cooked them last night (to eat tonight for dinner,'cause that's just how I am) and they were done in like 40 minutes. And, yes, totally huge. The sample I tried (OK, two. Maybe three) was delicious and totally unlike "fresh" limas.


I'd love those, but I'm still working through all the beans I picked up at the Ferry Plaza mkt when I was in SF.

btw: I LOVE the chili powder you gifted me for being such a good customer that burning some serious tongues here in Paris making tacos like they're never seen, or tasted, before.

Merci Steve...

Steven Sando

Anita, I'm glad you liked them. At our place, we were licking the plates.

David, Does this make me a modern Jospehine Baker, setting Paris on fire? I hope so. Come back soon and stock up!


Is there any chance at all that you would carry these beans again? I recently went to get more from the Farmer's Market only to find out that you no longer sold them. I'm truly bummed! We drove all the way from San Jose JUST to get the giant limas...

Any chance? Pretty please?


What kind of onion do you think best compliments the flavor of a white lima bean in soup?

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