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Bean and Purslane Soup

I've been a fan of purslane for a long time. There's a famous Mexican stew with pork and purslane but sometimes you don't want a big old pork fiesta. It's rare, but sometimes you just want a nice soup.


I made this delicious soup with purslane from my back yard. I had about 4 cups of chicken stock and 4 cups of mostly bean liquid with a some beans in it. While I heated these two ingredients together, I sauteed the cleaned purslane with onion, garlic, a minced serrano and some olive oil. When these were soft, I added them to the soup. Finally, I added about a cup of boiled tomatillos and some of their boiling water to the blender, made a puree, and then this went into the soup. It cooked for another 10 minutes or so and it was a little ugly but very delicious.




I may just have to make this soup Sunday, but I have to there a recipe around here also for the pork and purlane stew?

Steven Sando

Mine was from the first Diana Kennedy book. I'll try and dig up one we can use here.


A sweet Hispanic neighbor from 40 years ago in Chicago taught me how to cook this "weed" as a wonderful vegetable side dish. I loved it. It was simple and flavorful. And full of vitamin C. I regret it doesn't grow in this area of Georgia. I would cook it instantly.


From across the Pacific and newly obsessed with beans, I love what you are doing.

We have a similar combination here of mung beans with malabar spinach. Malabar spinach is a bit slimy and in my little garden nibbling tastes similar to purslane.

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