Shrimp with Chickpeas
Masa Snack from Puebla

Beans from Hidalgo

Aren't these gorgeous? I just received them this morning from my friends in Hidalgo.

Frijol Moro

Ayocote Morado

Cotón de Indio

San Franciscano

Yunuen and Gabriel are mostly known for their delicious xoconostle products under the Xoxoc label but they're also keeping an eye out for local beans and corn and promoting good agriculture in the state of Hidalgo. They live in a dreamy hacienda and I'll write more about them sooner than later. I was introduced to them by Ruth Alegria, who knows just about everyone worth knowing on either side of the border.

Getting this package of beans was like Christmas morning for me and I can't wait to go home and cook them up.


Phillip Ohsann

I hope you save some to plant! Well maybe you should eat some too, to find out if they have great bean flavor and not just pretty to look at. Also you don't need me to tell you what to do! Phil in Iowa


Man those beans look like jewels! Would love to know how one would have a bean tasting with a variety of beans cooked so that you are tasting and understanding the flavor and texture of each bean. Gosh i love your site.

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