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Rancho Gordo on the New Cooking Channel

We were lucky enough to be filmed for a new show called FoodCrafters with host Aida Mollenkamp on the new Cooking Channel. The people who Food TV, who have seemed more interested in competitive cooking than food these last years, have wisely retooled their boring Fine Living channel and it's now Cooking Channel.


I saw a little of it this morning and it's like the old Food TV. You can just watch and very soon something interesting will be on. Some of it is actually great. I think they did something very smart. And of course featuring heirloom beans on one of their best shows is not a mistake!


The crew were a lot of fun and I hope the good time we had all day comes through on the finished show. The director made use of all the staff and even the stray shopping card that hangs out in the warehouse. It seemed a little silly to the staff but he assured us the final cut will be particularly cool. I believe him.


Our segment is tenatively scheduled to air on July 12. I'll try and update here on the blog if there's a change and our Twitter account will be up to date as well (@RanchoGordo).

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