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Join Our New Bean Gardening Group

Around this time of year, the staff gets overwhelmed with inquiries about growing beans. It's a great idea and we encourage it but we can't offer support for our beans as seeds. Introducing the Rancho Gordo Bean Buddies group on Google.


Fellow gardeners and Rancho Gordo staff share information about planting the beans and how to get the most out of your garden. We have lots of bean available to send you as seed for bean trials. Ben, also known as Beanbag around here, is coordinating our sample seeds and will help moderate the site.

You can get each post as an email, or a digest form (once a day) or even no emails and just read the posts on the website. I've created a folder and a filter on my email program and check the folder once a day. We're new but I have a hunch it may get pretty active.Anyone can join and post but you do need to join in order to post.

Rancho Gordo Bean Buddies on Google Groups.


garden designer southend

I never thought that bean gardening has been effective in gardening. I think, bean gardening is applicable to enhance the beauty of the garden, I will try to have a bean gardening, this might be sophisticated.

Organic Gardening News

Bean gardening sounds different.Your group will surely help for new growers for effective application and implementation of bean gardening.


Shame your not based over here in the UK. Heirloom seeds of all kinds are real popular here. Good luck with you group.

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