Noche Mexicana: A Day in the Beanfields Part One
Culinary Institute of America Students at Rancho Gordo

Noche Mexicana: A Day in the Beanfields Part Two

After the tour of the bean and corn fields, it was time to eat!
Lupe shows off the masa made from blue corn.


These tasted as good as they look.


Note this clever contraption that allows you to heat the tortillas over a wood fire.


Many of us tried our hands at making tortillas. Many of us should keep our day jobs.


Time to unveil the barbacoa. The pit contains lamb that's been roasting away for hours, covered by maguey leaves.





The consume.


Searingly hot salsa


The best taco ever.


The pancita.


As the farmers told me how much hope our visit had given them, I just started blubbering. These are campensinos who just want to work their land. Economics and other circumstances (often involving the US) force these guys to become construction workers or even make the the dangerous journey to the U.S. The market for their beautiful heirloom beans is shrinking in Mexico and our consumption allows them to do what they do best. And we get some great beans. Even if they were nasty people, this is the right thing to do. But these guys were so sweet and hospitiable, it humbled me. I'm sure they though I was nuts for being so emotional. I am, and lucky, and a better person for having met them.


I think I'll end the description of the Noche Mexicana trip here. I didn't get to all the details and I hope you get a chance to come soon. We'll be doing this trip annually and it's really not to be missed.




Wonderful post...felt like I was there. Pancita looks wonderful.

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