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Kitchen Object Fetish No. 2: Wooden Tortilla Press


Meet another new best friend. This wooden tortilla press is incredible. It's heavy. beautiful and does the job like no other.



Conventional wisdom tells us that the heavy metal presses are best and that most of the wooden presses are made of pine and fairly worthless. Like the plastic numbers, they break easily and press unevenly.


This press however is made of a wood called Granadillo, which is related to the deep, rich color like a pomegranate. The Latin name is Dalbergia retusa and I'm told it's highly valued and doesn't grow north of the state of Michoacan. 


I can attest that making tortillas with this press is a joy. The hardware that holds the heavy wood together is calibrated to make sure you only have to press once and you get an even tortilla. I am somewhat in love with this thing. 




beautiful! where did you find it?

Steven Sando

It's from Michoacan. We have a few in our stores but it's not something we'll be carrying for long. It's a little pricey, but I think worth it if you're a tortilla freak.


I have a square pine wood tortilla press, not as fancy as this one but it serves.

Steven Sando

You don't need one of these to make good tortillas, obviously. But I don't recommend the pine presses. They break very easily and they don't get the tortillas thin enough. A $20 metal press is preferable. I also have a mesquite square press that I love.



I am interested in the wooden tortilla press you have displayed, where can I purchase this item. Thank you in advance

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