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More Eggs and Beans

I've recently moved and the new place has a hen house. I've missed having fresh eggs but now that's all behind me. I'm hoping I can stick to the six hens I have. Last time it was 17 and a rooster and I was practically throwing the eggs at anyone who would hold still.


This morning I cooked some Mexican fresh sausage and when it was ready, I added some of our De Arbol black beans and heated them through.


I whisked the eggs with our Oregano Indio and then scrambled them on a low heat. I'm really learning that the secret is low and slow, otherwise you get a funky broken up omelet and that's nothing to be proud of.

When the eggs were nearly cooked, I added the sausage/bean mixture and then crumbled some queso fresco over the whole thing.


So what is it about eggs and beans. I love them!
You could easily make this more Italian by using Italian sausage and any farmers cheese. I'll stick with my version and a good heirloom corn tortilla.


Charro Beans with Scrambled Eggs

Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys used to sing a song called Across the Alley From the Alamo and I was humming it all last week as I made my way from San Antonio to Houston. Oddly, none of the guides at the Alamo knew of this tune and it's another shocking sign the our culture is going to hell in a handbag.


There were many highlights to the trip, and after barbecue in Luling, I think my favorite was my friend Wade's delicious charro beans. We had them all over the state and I noticed the hipper folks always asked to sub the ubiquitous re-fried beans (which generally were excellent as well) with charros.

Wade made them by cooking up a bunch of bacon and when it was almost cooked, he added beans and water. He didn't drain the fat. I think I would but who am I to say? After the beans were cooked he added tomatoes, bell pepper, cilantro and other good things. They were great.


The next morning, I made eggs for the whole family but I added them to the leftover charro beans. I humbly will suggest they went nuts for them. I just added eggs but you'd think I had done the actual cooking. The beans were the star of the dish.

A note on tortillas: In general, I love corn. In Texas, they mostly eat wheat. I was turning my nose up at them until I ate one. Texas wheat tortillas are generally excellent. I also had many corn tortillas but in general I don't think they are as excellent, although no doubt certain brands are better than others.

Don't Forget the Sangrita

Yes, yes, I know. Many sangritas are not tomato based. It might even be true that the best ones have no tomatoes. I once told some fellow gringo travelers how I was planning on making a sangrita from the "mature" tomatoes I didn't sell at the farmers market and they looked at me in horror: Sangrita has no tomatoes! Of course, every sangrita I had after that was tomato-based. And delicious.


On Sunday I had friends over and with Sunday being Sunday, I was running late. No time to make an authentic or unauthentic sangrita! So I cheated and took a 2 quart jar of tomato juice and added an entire bottle of Rio Fuego Very Hot Sauce, and the juice of one lime and mixed it together and served it as sangrita with our tequila shots. I'll be honest, it couldn't have been better, but next time I may try adding the juice of an orange as well.


For a smokier drink, try our Felicidad sauce. For a flavorful but mild drink, use La Paloma.

(Modified from a September 2007 post)

For the Ladies- A New T-shirt!

Apparently women don't always want to wear a men's boxy tee! Who knew? Well, some of the gals here asked and now they have receieved: A nice women's cut scoop neck t-shirt.


The classic Navy/Yellow combo happens to match the colors for our local Napa High. Isn't fashion a stange and wonderful mistress!


The shirt is in our store now and will be on the web for sale next week.