Garbanzos with Smoked Ham
Sea Salt from the Yucatan

A Delicious Substitute for Runner Cannellini

Crop failure has made our lives miserable here. People try and be understanding but they want what they want and we wish we could help. Nature has its own plans!


Runner Cannellini are in the ground, doing well and we hope we have a bumper crop. In the meantime, we can offer this delicious Ayocote Blanco as an alternate. It would be great in a cassoulet or a thick white bean and bacon soup. It's very much like the beloved Runnier Cannellini but it has a thinner skin (making it less desirable for salads) and it has a slight new potato flavor and texture. 

As for the Runner Cannellini (and Yellow Indian Woman, for that matter), they're still in the ground and we've yet to know when they'll be back. 


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