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Chilaquiles with Sangre de Toro Beans

I was a guest at an excellent traditional Thanksgiving dinner so the rest of the weekend I got to play around in my own kitchen making whatever came into my head. The thought of shopping on this holiday weekend filled me with terror so I tried to make do with what I could do with things from the pantry. 


Chilaquiles are almost always the right answer, no matter what the question is. I used our own Rancho Gordo heirloom corn tortillas and an accidentally indulgent guajillo/ancho chile sauce. I'd made the sauce the night before and thought I had turned off the heat and planned to finish cooking in the morning. Well, in the middle of the night the delicious smells sent me to investigate and I saw I'd left the gas on! Thanks goodness I am always hungry and thank goodness I'd had the good sense to cook with clay. A metal pot would have burnt long before. 


I had the smallest bit of chicken left and lots of Sangre de Toro beans from our Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc Project. I didn't even have any kind of cheese. Still, it was delicious and the kids and I agreed these were great. 



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