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Mex Mousse with our Stoneground Chocolate


The obvious uses for our stoneground chocolate discs are hot chocolate and dark mole sauces but my friend Connie Green of Wine Forest surprised me and my sons last week with a chocolate mousse made from our chocolate discs! Connie writes that she forgot the vanilla and butter when she made it for us and you know what? It was incredible. I've since made it, with the butter and vanilla, and I really preferred Connie's mistake! I'll let you decide. 


Recipe: Mex Mousse
6 oz Rancho Gordo chocolate ( about 1 and ¾ tablets)
2-3 T coffee or water
1T butter
½ t vanilla or 1 T rum
3 eggs
(whipped cream to top if you want) 
---Put broken up chocolate in heavy saucepan with the coffee (or water). Stir over low heat until melted, thick and creamy. Remove from heat and add the butter & flavoring (rum or vanilla).
--Separate the eggs.
--While stirring, add the yolks one by one to the hot chocolate mixture while the chocolate is still hot enough to slightly cook the egg yolks. Let it cool just a bit.
--Beat the egg whites until they hold a soft peak.
--Gently fold the chocolate mixture into the egg whites. Chill for at least an hour. 
-- Pour the mousse into 4 ramekins or pretty cups.


N.B. There's no baking here but the yolks will be cooked from the hot chocolate. The eggs whites will be basically raw. I think it's fine but smart people tell me I should warn you about raw eggs. I have my own chickens so I don't worry much. You may want to avoid them.




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