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Seafood Pozole

I love the habit of cooking indulgent fish dishes on Christmas Eve and then being invited to someone else's house on Christmas Day for a roast or turkey. I don't know how to cook roasts and I love turkey but the whole national obsession of cooking it whole when it would be better in parts drives me nuts. 


This year my contribution was a pozole with seafood. I could eat this night and day! 

I cooked an entire pound of our prepared hominy the day before and once it was cooked, left it in the fridge until I needed it. Meanwhile, in a large pot, I fried lots of chile powder and a little cumin in some olive oil until it was a paste and well cooked without being burnt. I think this out with chicken stock and let this mixture cook for about 15 minutes on very low. I added the cooked pozole, some shrimp, some langostine tails and some salt cod that had been soaked in water for a day with the water changing frequently. This cooked for about five minutes and then I served it with lime wedges. 

Very different and totally delicious. 


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