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Hippie-Love-Child Meal No. 2: Quinoa, Summer Squash and Garbanzo Soup

I'm developing a repertoire of dishes that I make myself for meals alone. I wouldn't dream of serving them to company but if it's a weeknight and I just want to eat healthy, why not? I do have an inner Hippie-Love-Child, and he even has a name, but it's going to take more than herbal tea and a clove cigarette to get it out of me. 


Anyway, this dish was chicken stock, chopped zucchini, garbanzos and quinoa. I really prefer quinoa as a porridge like this instead of as a grain. This was delicious. 


GG Mora

I've embraced my inner Hippie-Love-Child for weeknight dining, and have even learned to like tofu. Why, we're having Tofu Surprise for dinner tonight. Peace, brother!

Steven Sando

WHere oh where are my Birkenstocks????

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