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Beans on Toast

I have many British friends who can go nostalgically on and on about beans on toast. I think you take some canned beans and pour them over buttered white bread. I'm sure if you have it enough times, it may be good. 


I pan-toasted a piece of glorious Della Fattoria bread, lightly buttered it and gently piled on Red Nightfall beans, which are soon to make their magical reappearance at Rancho Gordo. The truth is any good bean will do, especially if it's a leftover and you whip up this dish quickly. So after the bread and warmed beans, I drizzled my very best expensive olive oil over them. What a treat! And with homemade beans, the bean broth will be soaked up by the bread. With canned beans, you need to rinse them to get all the nasty muck off of them. Canned beans! What an idea. 


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