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Scissor Salsa (or Rancho Relish)

I love this stuff. I don't think I've written about it before. I thought it was obscure and rare until my friends in Hidalgo confirmed that they make it. 


Here's a link to the original recipe. 

Note that Diana has you heat the chiles on a comal. This isn't to toast them or cook them. It's really to soften them if they are old. I've made this countless times but the best is with our banana vinegar. I also add some Oregano Indio. You can't beat the combination! 



I added three small spoonfuls to scrambled egg batter and the result was fine! Add two heirloom corn tortillas and you're in business. 


The best use is as above, with some fresh mozzerella. Golly I could live on this. 


M. Mortensen

Steve, I think you need to see this Charras Cowgirl fabric. I don't know the seller so can't make a recommendation, but I believe some of this will be kitchen curtains for me pretty soon. The minute I saw it I thought of Rancho Gordo:

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